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Product Description

The Engroove sliding door system is a functional product that can be tailored to the needs of the user.  The Engroove rail is made of wood and offered in many species, from douglas fir to bamboo to sapele, all providing an unprecedented esthetic. The brackets are constructed from 1018 steel or stainless steel both offering strength and durability.  The aluminum-hubbed polyurethane wheel allows for the smooth and silent passage of the doors.

The Engroove sliding door system has been installed in a variety of residential and commercial spaces, earning excellent reviews. The Engroove system is designed to combine function and beauty for architects, interior designers and homeowners.  The concept is simple and the result is smooth.



engroove applications

Engroove offers two distinct options: Flush Mount and Free Span.  

The Flush Mount track system is mounted flush to the wall and can be integrated into the trim of the door.  Alternatively, the Free Span track system allows the rail to span an open space.

Both systems are easily installed in any space.


  • The Engroove system can be tailored to the specific needs of individual project.

  • We believe in the concept of customization and customer co-creation.

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